Fly Fishing in South Africa

The difference between Fly Fishing and regular fishing is the bait.

Fly Fishing in Southern Africa:

Southern Africa is renowned for its cultural diversity, scenic splendour and magnificent wildlife, but it also has much more to offer than these attractions. South Africa is also the ideal destination for Fly Fishing, not only is it beautiful and tranquil, but it is underutilized as well. 

For the Fly Fishing enthusiast there are some of the most spectacular wilderness areas and a variety of fish species to choose from.

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Seek the mighty Tigerfish, the fighting Bream or the legendary Trout in the waters of Southern Africa and you will discover true tranquility and peace. Allow Siyabona Africa to assist you in your Fly Fishing vacation.

What is Fly Fishing?

The difference between Fly Fishing and regular fishing is the difference in the bait. Fly Fishermen will cast a hook that has bits of feather, fur, yarn, or other similar material attached using thread, hence the term 'fly'. If you're looking for a real challenge why not try Saltwater or Stillwater Fly Fishing.

The highlight of Saltwater Fly Fishing is that you are able to watch the sun rise while standing knee deep in the waves, waiting patiently for a bite.

When droughts become a problem in South Africa, fishermen can also try their hand at Stillwater Fly Fishing. This type of fishing takes place in man-made impoundments, where the Trout are quite large.

Best Season for Fly Fishing

The Trout season starts in September and goes through to the end of May. The best time to Fly Fish is definitely from September to October, and in autumn, from late March through May. During these months the water is cooler and the Trout are more active feeders.

Best Locations for Fly Fishing

The Trout waters in South Africa are quite small, as there are more streams than rivers, yet the Trout caught here are quite large. Most of the rivers produce Trout of up to 4 to 5 pounds. In the upland sections of most rivers the Trout increases and the waters tend to become overstocked.

Drakensberg in South Africa has become increasingly popular, due to the abundance of excellent Trout and Bass fishing. There are many crystal clear rivers and dams in the higher places. Brown and rainbow Trout occur throughout the region.

If you're looking to catch fish that are up to 9 pounds, then cast your line in the waters of the midlands of KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and the Eastern Cape, around the towns of Barkly East and Lady Grey. In the Western Cape, Trout are found high in the mountains, a short distance inland of Cape Town.